BMRI Perpetual Fund

BMRI’s basic annual expenses just to keep the building operating are approximately $6,000. That includes insurance, water, electricity and yard maintenance. Of course, there are other expenses that occur such as building repair and equipment replacement and repair.

Several years ago the reunion entertained a motion to start a perpetual fund.  That fund was begun by three members who each contributed $500. Because the fund is small it has remained as an accounting entry and is not a separate account as that is not enough money to set up a trust fund with a trustee.

A family member has agreed to MATCH ALL the gifts from the REST of the family up to $40,000 which would give us a total of $80,000 for the purpose of establishing a perpetual trust fund.

If the rest of the family will meet the challenge of this offer, BMRI will be able to establish a perpetual fund to take care of the annual expenses in perpetuity.  The fund will be set up similar to the Corinth Cemetery Association trust so only the interest of the fund is used as needed.  The trust, set up by the Board of Directors, will be irrevocable.  Additional donations can be added to the trust fund at any time, but the PRINCIPAL money of the trust fund is an investment for the generations to follow us and will be there FOREVER.

To take full advantage of this generous offer by one of our family members we need to receive donations toward the perpetual fund by the end of the 2021 Reunion in June.

You can give to this fund by mailing a contribution payable to BMRI to:

7150 Lantana Ave.
Abilene, TX 79606
Please indicate the donation is for the “Perpetual Fund”

Give through our secure Paypal site by clicking the image below.